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Real Estate

As a trusted source of legal counsel and defense to major players in the real estate industry, we at Carlson Law Group, Inc. have the extensive experience and ample resources to protect your commercial and personal real estate interests.

Experience You Can Trust

We at Carlson Law Group, Inc. enjoy the distinction of being the primary defense counsel for a major provider of errors and omissions insurance for real estate brokers throughout California.  This connection allows us to act as legal representation for hundreds of real estate professionals all over the state.  Additionally, we have a continued presence in the California Association of Realtors and other similar organizations.  This relationship allows us to stay on top of the most recent real estate legislation and industry trends.  With our comprehensive experience at your disposal, our clients can rest assured that they have the most informed and experienced legal team on their side.

How We Represent You

From the claims arising from errors and omissions issues to the problems that individual homebuyers might face, we can offer you the legal solutions you need.  Here are some of the ways that Carlson Law Group, Inc. can serve you.

  • Errors and Omissions (Professional Liability)
    • We can act as your legal representation if you or your business faces accusations of professional negligence, claims arising from business-related services, and allegations of personal injury (libel, slander).
  • Real Estate Transactions
    • Our legal expertise also extends to individual homebuyers, investors, and business people who are pursuing property acquisition, sale, and lease. Whether problems arise from a failed transaction or other disputes, we strive to provide legal solutions that will help our clients close the deal.
  • Permits, Licenses, etc.
    • Our land use and governmental relations attorneys handle all the legal matters associated with permits, licenses, entitlements, zoning, and other land-use matters. With our extensive political connections, we can help our clients present their business interests before a variety of local and state governmental entities.
  • Other Offerings
    • We at Carlson Legal Group, Inc. also offer legal counsel, representation, and defense for:
      • Escrow companies
      • Mortgage brokers
      • Employment and administrative disputes
      • Department of Real Estate regulations
      • Residential and commercial lease negotiations

Contact us at Carlson Law Group, Inc. to get the real estate legal protection you need.

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