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Construction Law

Even with extensive planning and careful strategizing, construction projects can still end in damaging litigation.  That’s why developers, general contractors, and subcontractors all need to have the solid legal representation that Carlson Law Group, Inc. provides.

Experience You Can Trust

Mark Carlson, founder of Carlson Law Group, Inc., was part of the committee that drafted the Los Angeles Superior Court Construction Defect Manual, the document judges throughout Los Angeles County use to manage construction defect litigation.  With this background, the professionals at Carlson Law Group, Inc. have the comprehensive knowledge and legal familiarity to help developers, general contractors, and subcontractors weather a legal storm.

How We Represent You

Our team has the experience to handle issues associated with:

  • Construction Defect Litigation
    • We at Carlson Law Group, Inc. have the experience to help you successfully navigate tricky construction defect litigation issues. Whether you face claims of defective designs or plans, building code violations, or other issues, our familiarity with construction methods, building materials, and the law will allow us to find a suitable legal solution for your business.
  • Contract Disputes
    • Our team provides analysis of contract terms and conditions and can provide the necessary legal representation if issues such as non-payment, extra work, differing site conditions, delays, and other contract interpretation issues arise.
  • Bid Disputes
    • Should you experience bid disputes, such as issues regarding bid responsiveness, adherence to competitive bidding laws, bid withdrawal, and so on, then our legal team can step in on your behalf.
  • Contactor Prequalification and Debarment
    • Our professionals are well equipped to handle contractor prequalification and debarment issues.
  • Dispute resolutions
    • We can offer solutions to aid in dispute resolutions, including mediation and arbitration services.

Don’t fall on the wrong side of construction law.  Contact us at Carlson Law Group, Inc. for assistance with all your construction litigation needs.

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