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About Us

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge pertinent to the businesses of our clients. This enables us to handle all types of matters. The substantial experience our lawyers have in the businesses of our clients adds value. We strive to understand and relate to a client’s overall business strategy in order to provide advice that goes beyond a specific litigated case or business matter.

Cost Control

Our track record in containing litigation costs speaks for itself. One of our larger insurance clients found that our average bill per case is nearly 40% lower than the average bill of all other panel counsel throughout California. However, we do not save costs at the expense of results. Our cost-saving strategy is simple: we do only what is necessary.

We do not send two lawyers to hearings or depositions. We do not attend hearings that have no direct impact on our client’s interest in a case. We strive to complete discovery as early in a case as possible to provide our clients with the information they need in order to make informed decisions. We have also negotiated reduced rates with vendors like court reporters, copy services and other litigation support companies. When an expert witness is needed, we only seek out experts appropriate for that case and provide clear instructions to ensure that the expert is working as efficiently as possible. In short, we handle each case as though we were paying the bill.

We Try Cases

Some cases cannot be resolved without a trial. Our lawyers are experienced trial lawyers with hands-on experience in handling trials, arbitrations and appeals. The senior lawyers at Carlson Law Group, Inc. average three to four trials per year. We provide substantial practical experience to our associates by having them second-chair major trials (at our expense). We believe it is self-evident that trial experience is crucial in providing top-notch legal services to clients. After all, how can a lawyer give complete advice when the lawyer has never handled a trial?

We Get Results

We take pride in our successes at trial. Our attorneys have successfully defended and prosecuted scores of cases at trial. However, we take even more pride in our attorney’s ability to accurately predict jury verdicts. Having an accurate estimate of what a jury will award has allowed our clients to make good decisions when trying to determine whether to settle a case or proceed to trial. Our results speak for themselves. An insurance client analyzed our verdicts and settlement and found that on average, our results were 60% better than the verdicts and settlements achieved by all other firms.

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